Junior Golf Events

Junior Advanced Golf Techniques

This course is designed for the more advanced Junior golfer ONLY! Those new to golf or with less that 2 years of playing experience must attend and complete one Jr. Pin Seekers Clinic. This Class is held for two consecutive days; DAY ONE - class is a total of 2 Hours, DAY TWO - class is held for two hours with a 30 minute break for lunch and concludes with 1 hour of supervised play on the golf course.

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Junior Practice with the Pro

Junior golfers, ages 9-17, are encouraged to participate in a series of 1-Hour practice sessions. Our goal is to aid in building greater confidence when playing on course. Sessions will help to enhance the fundamental skills of golf through practice drills and fun challenges with the golf professional.

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Little Linksters (Ages 5-8)

This is a 1-Hour course each day for 3 Consecutive days. We provide ALL golf learning equipment; golf clubs and safety balls for all 4 sessions. Your child will learn the fundamentals of the game, outside, in a safe environment using colorful training tools.

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